#22. Cultural Embeddedness: Complexity of Māori identity – Dr. Ririwai Fox and Ellie Rukuwai

Multiple factors shape the complex relationships people have with their own culture and identity. This particularly affects indigenous communities the world over and has given rise to a wave of leaders working towards uplifting their communities into mainstream discourse. Rirwai Fox, Principal Kaupapa Māori Researcher, Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand and Ellie Rukuwai, PhD student focusing on the role of identity and culture in perfectionism and NSSI within rangatahi Māori (youth) join Sahir to talk about cultural embeddedness, the importance of community research and the unique challenges Māori and other indigenous people face in terms of identity, culture and navigating through the world. 

Māori Cultural Embeddedness has been defined as: The degree to which actions or behaviours of an individual are aligned with the core beliefs, practices and values of the Māori culture.

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