#11. Mental Health Awareness Special with Youthline, Bravely and Jasmin Shoukri

Aotearoa New Zealand celebrated Mental Health Awareness week 2022 from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October.  To pay tribute to the work done by people who do not fit directly under the traditional psychologist, psychiatrists and therapist roles, we had 3 interviews with guests covering different styles of support work and mental health resources available to communities.

This episode contains discussions on mental health. If you are struggling please reach out for help. Useful contacts for some countries can be found here.  https://www.helpguide.org/find-help.htm

Rob Cartwright joined us to speak about Bravely, a global, mental health app trying to bridge the gap between therapy and 'just using google'. The second interview is with Jasmin Shoukri, a mental health coach in Germany, who spoke about the similarities and differences between support work in New Zealand and Germany before talking about her own coaching. Lastly, we come back to the studio with Abbey Busch, the Education and Youth Development Coordinator of Youthline Wellington to talk about  the roles they play and services they offer with regards to youth mental health support work in Wellington in particular and Aotearoa in general.

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Again, we would like to thank our guests for the work they do and finding time to come on the podcast. For more information:

Bravely: https://www.bravely.io/
Jasmin Shoukri: instagram, linktr.ee
Youthline: Website, instagram

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