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Smooth Brain Society - making research available


Science is fun but it is often hard to understand with research papers being difficult to access. We are trying to change that by making key concepts easy and the latest research available to everyone. Instead of massive books and boring lectures we are getting experts in the field talk about their work through a series of interviews covering a wide range of topics related to psychology, neurosciences, mental health and human behavior. 


Our guests are leaders in their respective fields from from all over the world. While our co-hosts are a bunch of people who have no idea about the guests subject

The aim is for our guests to explain their work to a pair of hosts in ways which are easy to understand helping us and the audience learn about their work and engage in interesting conversations.


Podcasts go up every fortnight and can be found on this website, YouTube and on most major podcast streaming platforms.

You can find us on most social media platforms. All the information is in the Contact section.

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