Laid back podcast with researchers from all across the world. We get them to explain their field of expertise and latest research in ways which we can easily understand. Our focus is on psychology and neuroscience research but we also aim to cover other cool and relevant topics when we can.

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I’m Sahir, the founder, host and editor of this podcast. I started the SBS to help make science, particularly psychology, accessible to everyone and bring to light the stories of those who are at the forefront of research today. I have an incredible group of friends who have stepped in to help along the way and you can check them out here.

Kia ora,

As for me, I have a doctorate in Neuroscience from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The country of my birth and tertiary qualifications is often left out of maps and a large percentage of people question its existence. As such, it is probably a good thing I have spent substantial amounts of my life in India, the USA and the United Kingdom. I have a love for sports and adventure and often keep more up to date with football, cricket, NBA and F1 results than my own research work. 

I want to welcome you to the Smooth Brain Society hopefully you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy recording. We are always looking for every bit of help and feedback so anything from sharing the episodes, subscribing to the channels, following our socials and contacting us with ideas are all appreciated.


Sahir Hussain

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