#40. Voice of Aroha – Kodrean Eashae & Luis Perez

World Refugee Day is on the 20th of June each year and is dedicated to refugees all around the world. We spoke to Kodrean Eashae and Luis Perez from Voice of Aroha. Voice of Aroha does incredible work highlighting the stories of refugees and minority communities in New Zealand with the aims of assisting in grassroots change. Host of Me, Racism and I, Thoraya Abdul-Rassol Kodrean, joins as co-host. Our guests share their stories and speak to issues migrants and refugees face in New Zealand, the problem with the ‘refugee’ label and the growing fear of people being displaced due to climate change.

Check out Voice of Aroha: https://voiceofaroha.org.nz/

Listen to Me, Racism and I on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/2YmqGwgoLYooHrgs7TFv0Y?si=190e868cf6cb42c1

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