#3. Relationships, red flags and love – Dr. Matt Hammond

Relationships researcher, Dr. Matt Hammond joined us to answer questions asked by our instagram followers about relationships.

CW: The episode covers content on topics such as aggression/gaslighting/violence. If you are looking for assistance, here are links to some of the places mentioned in the podcast.

https://www.wannatalkaboutit.com [this works internationally, it redirects you to specific helplines based on your location]

https://www.2shine.org.nz/get-help/helpline/ or call 0508-744-633 [NZ based helpline to talk about experiences of aggression/violence either from themselves or other people]

https://1737.org.nz/ or Free-text 1737 [NZ based general support line]

In NZ, call 111 for an emergency or crisis situation

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