#38. Planetary Melancholia – Prateek Shankar and Valerie Navarrete

Prateek Shankar and Valerie Navarrete are founders of the Jungle Publics, a group trying to foster interdisciplinary discussions and reimagine how we relate to our planet and each other. They come on to talk about their first major publication titled “Planetary Melancholia“. The article is written with Center for Complexity and the Global Arts & Cultures department at the Rhode Island School of Design. It covers a wide range of discussion points around the current state of the planet looking at how planetary crises like climate change, war, social inequality and cultural erosion are all coming together to cause impacts larger than the sum of their parts and try to understand not just the impacts on those directly affected but also the emotional dysregulation people feel by seeing all these issues unfold in front of their own phone screens everyday. Making this a unique time for personhood as we see everything good, bad and ugly unfold before our eyes in real time.

Jungle Publics : https://junglepublics.com/
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Prateek Shankar
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Valerie Navarrete:
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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/valerie-navarrete-779071233/

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